Just coming off a high after last weekends Estate Sale hosted by Naomi Ross of Sassies. Naomi and her amazing team of professionals pulled off an incredible feat. Two days of negotiating on our behalf to sell the contents our family home of 15 years. Naomi and her staff we delightful, fair, honest, energetic, and fun to work with. I highly recommend Naomi and her team. I had envisioned the event to be my worst nightmare, but instead a dream come
true. Most everything sold with little clean up and mostly feeling good about where our belongings ended up. Everyone happy.
Mindy Winnetka
May 2017
Sassies Estate Sales is the kind of business one is lucky and happy to have found. An honest, straight-forward, up-front, hard-working family business, looking to first serve and help the customer. Letters from former customers, and their policy of keeping track of sales, and charging 30% of the total sold impressed me, compared to the other estate-sale companies. Though I did the initial arrangements from outside the country, they took charge of things beyond my expectations when I got to Chicago. Naomi and her team made an initial visit to see what was sell-able, arranging a date that fit my schedule. Weeks before the sale, 1-2 members of the team weeks came over every few days to begin inspecting, sorting and arranging the items. They brought in additional tables and any items they would need. The staff was careful to ask about things NOT being sold and store them in safe-rooms, later marked off-limits. Days before the sale, the whole team came to wash glassware, arrange and price most of the items. The 2-day sale went as planned, assisted by 6 members of the Sassie team. They did what I consider to be an honest job. The final check from the sale came promptly and without a hitch. During the normal course, it became apparent that they, with the help of one of their experts, could do just as good a job pricing and selling two remaining modern classic cars as the people purporting to specialize in only that…and quite a bit more straight-forward. They did the initial research, consulted experts, showed the cars to serious prospects during and after the estate sale, handled the bidding, and sold them both at a decent price on eBay, earning a commission just about the same as the “specialists” would have. They saw everything through to the end: small problems, showing the cars, communicating with prospects, check deposits, titles, right up to the flat-beds hauling the cars away. They kept me informed during the sale. Sensitive to each family’s quirks, quite open about how the estate-sale process works, and putting in hours that showed they were more interested in me than in just a “quick buck,” Sassies Estate Sales certainly earned my respect as an American business…and thanks.
August 2015
I was reading a lot of Sassie's testimonals and thought I too need to jump on her band wagon.We still stay in contact. If you've never talked too her or are "curious" of the Sassie name..see her at a sale..ask that question and its a great story! But the best of it..GOSH she is adorable on personality! The enthusiasm of what a home has and what its in there is amazing! We all grow up with different things in our homes, and what we would look at as ARE YOU KIDDING ME..someone would BUY THAT? She has that YES answer. I got her name from a real estate company when I had to sell my parents beloved home that they built 60 yrs ago.Growing up with another sibling who did other things to help in the finalizing of the estate,but couldn't deal with the personal end,the home,contents, etc. They gave me a few names.She was in the middle of the names and I interviewed a few of the bigger ones. One without even coming out too see a packed home of over 60yrs,not enough for our company to make any money.Isn't the object to service the family? Sure its great if the company is to make money,but don't advertise "expertise" and " value of families", and that's not what your about. Oh and the deposits,I personally think, got a lot of nerve.! I then called Sassie's.She and her husband came out and walked around this childhood home of mine,just gushing on things, and telling me oh how great this is or that. I honestly couldn't see what she saw in a lot of the items! But that's the personality of her, and what she see's in items for a sale.She made me look at things a little differently in what my mother kept,owned, my father's wacky collection of tools, items from his childhood..TOLD ME what I NEED TO KEEP.At first my brother and I went through the home before anyone was called in, and we sort of picked some things out,but Sassie sort of brought it back to life saying this or that, you and your brother DO NEED to keep, your parents loved this or that.WHO does this? Sassie did.Was honestly for us, an eye opener on this is what an Estate company should be..and we knew this was our girl!

The latter part of the years after my mother passed away and my father tried as best as he could even in failing health to keep up this big home that was filled with some great times as my brother and I remembered growing up,the years took a toll on the home. He just couldn't do a lot of the repairing as he would NEVER call in someone to do the job when he always did it.My brother and I did fix and repair as much as possible but the years caught up on the home, so there was wear/tear to the home.I told her I will pay a cleaning fee whatever it took to get a sale going. Because the house was in disarray and you cant have people going into something that isn't as she said safe to walk into.Fine by us.!

No time frame in getting the sale together for us.So she did it in between her other sales.SHE DID A GREAT JOB! Her "staff" of really good good friends, all worked great together and put this house, back together again and my mother would of loved how they put things in their correct places. Coming over, talking to her,listening to what she "knew" on so much of the antiques, things I wouldn't of looked twice at and never did! We enjoyed so much getting to know what "Sassies Antiques" was all about, and her passion.

The PASSION of this company of hers and her feelings, She may not be the biggest company around, (we personally think she should be!) she isn't the big household name...yet, but I was once told if you don't have passion in what you do in life, sometimes life is just too boring and its time to re think what drives you.

Sassie has that drive that yearning for a good sale, knowing the families of the home she is working in, what they accumulated in years, their lives.She wanted to know about my parents, their life, our life. That is compassion.

It's her personality.Its a emotional time, it aint easy.But she cared about our feelings.

For my brother and myself, her passion and drive made our transition of selling off our life with our parents a little bit easier and to get closure from it all.

TV interviews, and write up's in newspapers don't mean squat on some of the other companies, if you don't have that "Passion", your in the wrong field.

I read a few of the other testimonials and one said if your now on the Sassie Page reading this..PICK UP THAT PHONE...Damn right you should. By the way, the sale was Excellent.! Hard work does pay off! I refer her over and over again!
Richard & Thomas Walters
July 2015
If you are looking for the very best service for your estate sale, then Sassie’s Estate Sales is the company for you!

My father passed away in March 2015. He was my only surviving parent and my very best friend. As devastating as this time was for me, I knew that I needed to sell my Dad’s possessions in an estate sale. When I invited Naomi to come by the house to meet me and view the items that I needed to sell, I was immediately impressed with her compassion that she extended to me over the loss of my Dad. Naomi viewed the items and assured me that she would make every effort to sell these items at the very best possible price. Naomi also explained that she would sort and display each item in such a way that it would be the most attractive for buyers. As I live in AZ and had only a few days to pick out personal items to take back with me, Naomi assured me that if she found any personal items that I left behind she would hold them for me. During the sale, Naomi called me to let me know that she found a silver platter that was engraved with Merry Christmas to my Mom and Dad that I gave to my parents almost 30 years ago. I had forgotten all about it and Naomi made sure to set this precious treasure aside for me. I was so touched by this that it brought me to tears with gratitude. Naomi also found other photo items and personal items that I had missed when I left to return to AZ. Naomi is truly a wonderful person, both on a professional level as well as a dear friend.

Naomi kept me posted on every detail from the initial set up of the items for sale through to the end of the sale. Naomi sold almost all of the items that were for sale. I was also shocked to find out that the total income received from the estate sale was 3 times more than what I expected. There was only 1 valuable item left that was not sold. Naomi agreed to take this with her to sell on consignment at a future sale and mail me a check after it is sold.

I am so grateful to Naomi for all that she did for me. She was truly my guardian angel during the most difficult time in my life to provide me with more income that I could have ever imagine as well as being such a comforting friend. Sassie’s Estate Sales is truly the very best in the business. On a scale of 1-10- she rates a million!
Carol L.
May 2015
Her answer..OK..lets do it.!! Walk me around the house. Amazed she told me of my parents furniture, artwork, chairs, she said pristine, mid century teak..new word for us!! She had to price the entire house from pictures! I gave her a picture disk almost 1,000 pictures of everything in that house from Sofa's to measuring spoons,whisk broom, mid century furniture (Now I know all about the furniture and items my parents loved!) etc.

There was Jewelry from my great grandparents(Grandparents), diamonds, gold, sterling. I didn't know value or had a jeweler either, so she handled it all for me,had it cleaned appraised etc. Honest nice girl. Naomi said to pick. Money cant buy a family heirloom. Give to the eldest grand daughter. The 18k gold pocket watch first grandson..and on..etc. In court..it was agreed. She wrote it out on how she felt it should be presented and the Judge agreed with Naomi!!! SO we got to pick and keep items so beautiful! Very sentimental Naomi is. We are so grateful.

She priced my parents entire house, and we had fun learning what everything was, history on some stuff, very exciting for me since I grew up in this house and didn't know mid-century to Chicago Artists, Georg Jensen..was etc!! She worked very hard in between her Estate Sales and every time I called and asked questions she gave me all the time I needed.

I recommend Naomi and her Company Sassie's. EXCELLENT,EXCELLENT,EXCELLENT..!!!
Gwen - Park Ridge
December 2013
I am very satisfied with the services provided by Sassies. The entire process of having Sassies conduct my house sale was painless and very rewarding. They are extremely professional, treated my house like it was their own, and spent countless hours preparing to make the sale a huge success. I would recommend Sassies to anyone interested in having an estate sale.
Tina Franklin
January 2013
I hesitated to write this testimonial because all of the other testimonials on Sassie’s website say it all and say it all so well. As both my sister and I live out of state, what we were really looking for was someone to just "take care of it" for us. We had a short time to come into town, set up a realtor, a painter, a carpet layer, meet with the lawyer, the taxman, do minor repairs and on and on as well as go through my parents’ home, decide what items we would like to keep and how to ship them back and then return to our families.

Yes, Naomi immediately returned phone calls. Yes, she made me feel comfortable and comforted during an extremely emotional time. Yes, I loved the fact that Sassie’s had no down payment and no minimum. Yes, I greatly appreciated that she managed to add our sale to her already packed schedule and almost everything left in the house was sold with the money deposited into our account within one month of meeting her. The house was presented beautifully both in person and online. I felt that my mother's "stuff" was lovingly cared for and respected and protected during the sale. People came from far and wide to shop, and the sale was a success. I couldn’t believe Sassie's even sold my mother’s 1995 automobile – for more than I could have hoped!

Any questions I had, she answered. Any outside sources I needed, she provided. Her honesty, experience, depth of contacts, and friendship calmed our fears. Yes, in Sassie’s Antiques, we found someone to just "take care of it" for us, and in Naomi, I found a friend.
January 2012
It helped me to pick out you so my intention is to help others that are searching for the “RIGHT” Estate Sale company.

I picked Sassies Estate Sales from looking on the website Estatesales.net. She had posted many of her upcoming sales and I liked the way she listed the items and took so many pictures. Her website was very professional, I liked the fact that she had been in business for 18 years and I was impressed by what I had read from her past clients. The first good sign was that I called her, left a voice message , and she immediately called me back. I always appreciate when someone is attentive to messages. She introduced herself as Naomi and we discussed the Estate sale process. She explained to me that she was booked and she really could never get it together to make a sale within the small time frame of 5 days especially having two sales booked already. I pleaded and begged and I think she may have felt sorry for me, or she may have thought I was a whack job, but at least she didn’t count me out. She took down all my information and said that she would meet me at my Mom’s place when I came to Chicago and see if she could help. I met her at my Mom’s condo and we did a walk through as she saw what we had and said she would see if she could get enough help on such short notice to run the sale. I was delighted! I immediately took to Naomi because she is so down to earth and explains her business so well. She said she would do the best she could and she did!. After inspecting the house she realized that Mom had been very clean and organized which helped her to take on the job. There were so many nice items so she agreed to conduct the sale and we signed the contract. She wanted me to call the President of the Homeowners association to make sure there was not a problem with having an Estate Sale as some condo associations do not allow them. We were very lucky to have such a nice building and a Home owners association that agreed that we could have the sale.

Then she had me go to the Town Village to get a permit from the Town to conduct the sale. She was all about doing everything the “Right” way , which I felt good about.

The process began the very same evening we met, with her study of the various pieces of art work, collectable's, crystal and silver pieces. She was very thorough and precise in her accounting of the items to be sold. With her entourage of friendly co- workers, who I soon got to know and adore, she began to weigh the silver, wash the crystal and china. They then began the pricing and merchandising of the furniture and household items. It took every bit of the 5 days to get the sale in gear for the Saturday and Sunday that would follow.

Naomi told me that she has a following of clients and store owners that follow her from sale to sale and now I know why. She doesn’t over price the items, so the items sell! People follow her because she is fair with them which was most important to me. Naomi said people would be lined up in the morning and they were. I saw about 15 to 20 people lined up about a half hour before the sale ( some had been in their cars for hours before the sale). She had a numbering system so the people came in on a first come basis. The sale lasted two days and I just cannot get over how orderly and professional the sale was. She and her friendly co- workers could not have made it any easier for me to sell the merchandise. One of the workers even stayed to help bag up the items we gave to charity.

It was a great experience and I was fascinated with the process and overjoyed with the results.

So if you are considering an Estate Sale you have come to the “Right” people to conduct it! Thanks to Naomi and your entourage of great helpers.
Laurie S. Morton Grove
November 2011
It is rare to run into people in the estate sale business that not only possesses integrity and honesty, but also who are knowledgeable about their services, work & prices as well. My sister and I interviewed other Estate sale companies and were extremely unhappy with not only their personalities, but also their general aloof rude attitudes, overall knowledge of the field as well as their evasive manner in regard to specific questions we asked regarding pricing and business practices.

After doing more research about the best estate sales companies, Sassies Estate Sales Company came highly highly recommended to my sister. I called, we met and there she was… Naomi! ~~ A rarity in the estate sale business these days as she was kind, understanding of the stress involved in a death and disposal of memories and items difficult to let go. She was personable, caring, and lighthearted and her staff was exactly the same. They understand that people sometimes sell things that they may later regret and Naomi even goes to the extent of asking you on several different occasions. “Are you sure you want to sell that?” “Maybe you might want to keep it to pass it down, as it is so beautiful.” Her contract is clear and concise, with no hidden agenda. She will spell it all out for you. She is an excellent businessperson and knows her prices and if she does not know it, she will not BS you. She’ll call in people, or looks it up to get a fair selling price for all. I have personally gone to numerous house and estate sales and I can honestly say, Sassies organizes and displays items in an extremely orderly fashion with originality and flair to boot! Naomi seemed to have unlimited resources to help you with so many things related to emptying a home. We even had a personal house issue and she called 3 friends who came within one hour to our rescue. Not many estate sales companies will go above and beyond as she did on many occasions.

Naomi, the owner is what I like to call SWEET & SASSY- an ideal combination when hiring an estate sale company. You want the Sweet aspect when dealing one on one with you personally, and with the sentimental or personal possessions that you have decided to sell. But you definitely want a person running your sale and selling your valuables, who can hold their own against the large and sometimes demanding amount of buyers coming in.

Thanks to Naomi and your staff~ A pleasure working with you. You brought joy back into the house!
Pamela and Sheryl
July 2011
I am writing this testimonial to let people know what a run around I have gotten from other companies who have been so unreliable. Most of the estate sale companies would not leave me a contract to look over, they didn't want me to ponder what their rules were in case I might question some of the items. Sassie's came in on our first interview and when they left they gave me the contact and told me to give them a call when I was ready to sign it..

Most companies said to me that when i signed the contract and turned over the keys to them to get into the house everything in the sale was now considered to be their property and I and my sibling would have no further control on any item. If we decided we wanted any of the items, we would have to pay the company as anyone would have to in the estate sale and nothing would any longer be free to any family member. When doing a sale there are things you look at later and decide you want as a memory of the people that passed away, and you don't feel you should have to pay the company for any of these items. Sassie's came in and said up until the end of the time when they had finished the pricing any item could be taken out of the sale Sassie's said any and all of the items still belonged to me and the family. And any member of the family could ask the people who signed the contract if something may be taken out of the sale. Sassie's was very generous with this policy and after all the stress of my dad passing away, it was appreciated that someone cared about my feelings.

Some of the companies would charge me for office supplies that would be needed to "tag" the items or bags to use at the sale. Sassie's came in and paid for all supplies out of their own pocket..

Most companies charge a deposit fee that is due upon you signing the contract.. they say these fees are to pay the people helping them set up the sale or for food to feed workers or gas money, but I have found that this is not true.. When you pay this deposit it guarantees the company gets money for the estate sale in case the sales are not good when the estate sale is conducted. Again Sassis's does not charge this up front fee. This is a huge deal since when you are thinking of doing a sale you usually do not have the few thousand dollars that is required to give to the company before signing the contract.

When I started to do the research on how to get a estate sale conducted, I interviewed either in person or a phone interview about 20 companies in order to get this much information to be able to pass this on to you.. You are so stressed and in mourning and it is very hard to do this research and to get rid of your family's treasures.

Sassie's is a hard working and honest company and I do not think you need to look any further at other companies.. You have found the best right here..

I have put this in writing and is my own opinion. I hope this helps someone in their search for a good and honest group of people to work with.
Karen Grobner
I wanted to put a testimonial for Sassie's Antiques. My sister and I had a overwhelming job of going through so much of finalizing our Mother's estate, and then to have to go through our childhood memories, our parents life together .I called several of the bigger companies that are listed. A few were so rude and honestly a few as my sister and I felt, something wasn't right with how they conducted their sales. And the deposits of some of them, ridiculous. A guarantee for themselves, not us the family,themselves their business.

I called Sassie( Naomi). She came out one evening with her husband (Mike) and we felt at ease immediately to find out no deposit,no minimum, she couldn't honestly give us an answer on how much it could make,but did say it would be a really good sale.It really was more then my sister and I expected. Her staff of family,friends, were so helpful and went out of their way more then once for us.

We have a aunt who wanted an old pitcher that my mother and her loved as children, we forgot to take it out before hand, and I called Naomi she said no problem and pulled it out. When going through the attic,and basement found many pictures we never knew existed and boxed them for us. She left us a contract,no other company would do that.She answered all our questions.They even have a clean out company no charge to the family for the remainder of items that don't sell.It was a relief.

I have recommended her time an time again to us baby boomers facing the hard time of now having to put a hard task together when losing a parent.She understood as she was going through the same thing with her own parent.The compassion of herself and her husband was much appreciated.

She asked me to forward a testimonial to her site.For my sister and myself, Sassies Antiques is a good honest company and relieved a lot of the stress of selling away our memories.

If your now looking at this testimonial and their site.Pick up the phone and call them.You found the right one!
Sharon & Louise Anderson
When Naomi contacted me to be a testimonial for her business. I so wanted to do this, but needed a little bit of time to get the words right in how I wanted it to be said. She did my Uncle's Estate in Nov.2001 it was a saddened time for the US, after 911.I was the one that became the Executor for my Uncles Estate over my siblings. If you've never experienced getting taxes, insurance, ending a time period of a hard working person’s life. And then to have to remove, sell their belongings, it’s completely a stress magnet! My uncle worked for John Deere, actually all the male people in our life did, there was generations of antiques .The Collections then were of tractors(mini),tools, military as he served as a Pilot in the Air Force WW2 he had many mementos, collections of the interesting to say the least!! And never married. The home wasn't very clean or organized and hidden boxes of things everywhere.

I asked a realtor if she knew of anyone that can do an Estate Sale. First and only name I got was Naomi (Sassie's) saying we only use them. They are excellent. And she was extremely correct!

I called her, and she and her husband came out that evening. In a distressed home filled with many items, plus lots of filth. She was very personable and understanding of what was going on with me, as she just put her mother in a nursing home four months previous and was now having the task of doing an Estate Sale for her mother, and could relate head on! Plus her own son in the Military and knew that a war was approaching. Her level headed compassion for me and things going on with this giant mess my Uncle not intentionally leaving, but it was WHAT DO I DO WITH ALL OF THIS? She was GREAT!

It took her husband and herself a month to get it cleaned and put together on how she wanted it "Presented" as she said. It needed to have things put in order, she didn't want to just "do a sale" she wanted it with their expectations of getting a successful one done. It was amazing. It was hugely successful and things were sold, cleaned out. Not a lot left. I have referred her over and over again.

It was a time for both of us to do something as she said it's like therapy and am sure she was going through an emotional trying time herself, but kept it all together for her company and how they looked at how things to be done.

There are companies that are a company. Then there is Sassie's someone that honestly was with my feelings on the end of a lifetime as she was now doing it for her Mother.

I can’t send enough Kudos to a great company that just put a lot of my overwhelming fears to rest.

I am still in contact with her, and am so ever grateful for her just knowing what to do, when I had all this other mess to sort through. It was a lift off my shoulders. IT was a joy to write this, to let others know that if we are at this site now looking for "That One" to understand us because we are in a wreck trying to sort through lifetimes of memories. Email, call, just get her on board. You won’t be disappointed. Your going to be relieved.
Elizabeth O'Grady
My family was needing a different route in clearing out my parents home. Unfortunately we couldn't have an estate sale due to how the will was written.

Then there was family issues,a sibling who wouldn't get the ball rolling and was putting a dent into our lives on sitting on a empty home, turning into years. Between courts and finally a decision made. Evaluate the items in the house for sale or monetary .Family had to pick one or the other,couldn't have both.

I did check out other Estate Sale companies. I was a little put out on how they claim to be the biggest in Chicago. OH DEAR..their personalities,or how they run sales? THEY ALL need to meet Ms. Sassie!! Go see how she runs a sale,and how she talks to people!! Friendly, Nice,All her girlfriends help with the sale,and they are just Sweet girls!!

Some of the owners, useless and rude. Didn't return phone calls, or when I did look at some of their pricing, very high. On some common things that you could get at Bed Bath Beyond! So.. I was feeling what are we now going to do?

Our Realtor was a gem and recommended to call Naomi (Sassie's) he said she would know what to do!! GREAT because I was at my wits end and needed guidance everywhere!!! She came after a sale she did that day and I asked her how much time do you have, and she sat down and said tell me what's going on and how can I be of help?