Trash or Treasure



What looks like  JUNK or GARBAGE..may not be at all.Half a bag of cotton balls, who would buy that? You'd be surprised! The Saran Wrap has a few sheets left, who would want  that? You'd be Surprised.Just because its been
used..or looks like it should be  tossed.Everything add's up in the little bit pile. Half bottle Shampoo, Laundry  Soap, Not a full box of dryer sheets..all can be sold.IF there is canned  food..and its not expired....we can sell it
or donate it too a food pantry where  its more needed!

WE love all REALTORS..BUT... Staging a home we see the  need. DONT tell your clients to get rid of knick knacks, or towels to make  the closet look better...because after its all given or tossed loses a lot for the potential "Estate or Moving Sale". Then the house sells..A Estate Sale company is now called in. Lack of items.Families say the Realtor said they needed to stage home and told us to get rid of the clutter. a
sale needs to be conducted. Where is the little items? Furniture is great..but where is the Lamp on the nightstand, the dresser trays perfume bottles, in the kitchen  the vintage sugar bowls,  pyrex, vintage bar ware, pitcher
collection, vintage table linens? ALL OF THE GET RID OF..makes a HOUSE fuller for a MORE  SUCCESSFUL SALE.!!! The Estate Sale company should make the appropriate decision if items are to be thrown out or YES IT CAN BE  SOLD!! There  is nothing like the "Thrill" of digging in garages or basements..for that sort of stuff. It still amazes us what people find to purchase!!

We  understand this whole process is overwhelming and losing a loved one, or moving  from a home of memories its still an emotional time. Just don't think if you don't want it, nobody else will..because in Estate Sale World there is something for anyone!